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9/14/2016 3:21:40 AM

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I've switched to manual for the past year or so, but something got me thinking. Do the passing stats/shooting stats matter if you are playing on manual controls? I mean, if you are doing everything including the power, the direction etc, why does it matter if I use Xavi/Scholes to make a pass rather than say Tom Cleverley? By the way, welcome to our site for fifa 17 coins ios, you will not be disappointed.

A: Stats absolutely matter even if they don't matter quite as much as with assisted. They matter the least in very short passes where there's nobody between the passer and reciever but basically in every other situation they matter quite a lot. Every time you don't have an optimal position or balance or if there's someone trying to intercept it close to the passer is where you see it clearest. Shots often don't go exactly where you aim with poor stats, you don't get curve, you fumble them completely etc.

A: I think FIFA 13 or 14 showed a feature/dev video when they reworked the passing system and it clearly shows that every pass (or shot for that matter) can deviate from the intended target in power/direction/etc

How much it deviates depends on RNG, and RNG is influenced by player stats. So if your passing stats are like 90+, chances are very high that your intended pass is going exactly as planned or with only slight deviation whereas a 50 passing stat would have a much higher chance of deviating from its original target. Think of a cone that spreads from your player, illustrating the possible arc the ball can fly. The higher the stat the more narrow the cone. Lower stat and the cone gets bigger.

A: Not op, but the satisfaction you get from a perfect through ball or a top corner shot on manual is 100x times what you get on assisted when there's such a massive auto aiming going on and you're effectively relying on AI RNG for your passes and shots compared to you doing it yourself with only a tiny bit of "help" from your players stats. Also the game is a lot slower and more realistic with manual.

It is NOT an advantage though. I know many of the very best manual players in the world and even they can't do the type of shots and chipped through balls that the average FUT div 1 player can do even if they're better in almost every other aspect of the game. My mate who has been rank 1 in quite a few Fifas on the Manual leaderboard and won plenty of manual elite tournaments has won Fut div 1 this year but his win ratio is only like 70 % or something which is nothing special.
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Home » General » FIFA 17 - Question for Those who Play on Manual Co

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